School Calendar Year Program

This program runs from September to June. Just like the school year we have your normal holiday breaks thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, we would be off as well. 

We use Teamsnap App to schedule everything and make it easier for you as parents.

Our most popular choice because it allows kids to apply what they are learning immediately in our training sessions.

For example 1 v 1 skill moves, we would teach you the skill moves and then put you in situations where you are forced to do those same skill moves, which helps you develop courage & confidence to try it. The small group training also allows social interaction with your group mates and bring out competitive nature in each other.  

Frequently Asked Questions

9 months – that’s if you start in September. If you started in November then it becomes 7 months. It all depends on when you start but You MUST stay until June.

It depends on what day your child has their Team practice. For example if his/her team practice on Mondays,Wednesdays & Fridays. Therefore their training day by us would either be Tuesday or Thursday afternoon 4pm.

5 years & Up! – 6-8 kids per group

(Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter)-Panther Park, Cedar Grove
(Winter) Gym in Montclair & Cedar Grove 

Summer Training

This is a 6-7 week program that happens late afternoon 5pm and beyond.

Summer groups are bigger than our normal school year program because families are all over with vacation etc. 

We share the schedule with you upfront on TeamSnap. Then you can adjust your availability on the Teamsnap app when you are attending & when you are NOT. This way we only charge you for the days you will be attending. 

Spaces are limited as we only accept 12 per session.